Monday, June 18, 2012

Back from the Kodava land

I'm back in Bangalore after an amazing weekend in Coorg(Kodagu) with family(Ruqaiya and Zunaira). Its been long time coming and one of the most amazing four days for a long time.

Where do I begin the story? Well, it started on thursday morning with a long drive from Bangalore. The drive from Bangalore to Madikeri is nothing short of spectacular. Bangalore to Mysore is pretty much a fast freeway. Then it gets curvier and exciting. The curves just take your senses for a ride. Its one of the best drives Ive had for a long time.

We stayed at Club Mahindra, the resort has the best facilities for families. There is something for everyone. I enjoyed being so close to the nature. The weather in Coorg is just right compared to Bangalore. Though Bangalore has the best climate among the cities, it is well short of what I have seen while growing up.

The stay at Club Mahindra was a very comfortable one. There is every facility one needs to relax and there is enough for those looking for an adventure. I could not do much adventure because of the continuous rain and also since it was a trip meant to spend more time with my daughter. She had her share of fun in the play area. She enjoyed company of other kids but missed her cousin Faisal a lot.

As far as I am concerned, I enjoyed walking across the resort. As the resort is on a hill walking inside the resort is nothing short of a trek. Along with the trek through the resort I also enjoyed swimming in the pool. Swimming in the cold weather does give you the ilussion that your sins are getting off. Its one of the most amazing experience to swim in cold weather.

Apart from the weather, we saw Raja seat, Abbi falls and the Tibettian settlement. Raja seat gives you a very good panoramic view of the hill Madikeri is situated on. Abbi falls is a very pretty waterfall but I hear it was not at its splendid best. Its a nice trek to and from Abbi falls.

Tibettian settlement near Kushalnagar is a very nice place. But we could not spend enough time over there.

Overall, I would recomend Coorg to bean ideal weekend getaway for those in Bangalore. The road to Coorg is much better than that of other hill stations but it is certainly a very cool place.

There are several homestay options and for the adventure minded people it is a perfect destination.

We returned from Coorg on Sunday via Hassan after visiting my cousin Sakhib. Unfortunately,we missed his son Yasir's Aqiqa on satursay because of heavy rain and low visibilty in Coorg. The drive from Coorg to Hassan is not that great but it was worth the struggle to go and meet the people who matter. Zuni enjoyed playing with her cousins in my aunt's home in Hassan. The drive from Hassan to Bangalore was a spectacular one. We managed to cover nearly 200 kms in 3.5 hours.

At the moment I m on my way to work,updating my blog. Though Bangalore weather is pleasant, I still can't get Coorg out of my head. Hope to have many such holidays in days to come.

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