Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 a mixed bag

2010 has gone and what a year it has been. It has been a year filled with lots of excitement and drama. It has brought an end to a very exciting decade through which entire world has gone through a facelift.

If I were to give it a name, I would call it a scamster's year. We have seen all kinds of scams come out in the open. Right from 2G spectrum, Adarsh housing, stone pelting, land grabbing, and CWG mess. It had all the ingredients for a bollywood masala potboiler. Just to spice up everything Sheila and Munni did their bit. So much so that two sisters in Maharashtra(coincidentally named Munni and Sheila) got their names changed. After all the scams the power structure of our country stays unchanged. Though one doesnot expect a change of guarg so fast. I personally hope and pray atleast this leads to a introspection throughout. I hope 2011 is a year when there is a resurgence of conscience and thought.

All said and done, not everything was dark. Damage caused by the polity was slightly overshadowed by the sportsmen/women of India. Indian atheletes performed like never before in the commonwealth games. Though one may think that the scams and stink kept best in business out of the game. Still the performance was outstanding. In cricket, We saw the Indian cricketers perform out of their skins. They achieved the no.1 test ranking. Hope they retain the same once they are done with the series in South Africa.

2010 also signalled a change in world order. At the beginning of last decade, we had a single superpower calling the shots in world affairs. Now the hegemony is challenged and the emerging powers are taking over. Same story with the cricket world. After almost a decade of arrogant dominance, Aussies are being challenged in their own backyard. In short it has been a year when there has been resurgence of the dominated powers who have now started to dominate.

The wheel of change has been very interesting and has proved that the only thing constant in this world is change. The baton of power changes hand. One can only gain/retain the baton of power by being dynamic and constantly in tune with the changing environment.

Personally it has been a year when I have moved from singlehood to being a married man and after 2 years I have managed to not get bored at work just as yet. I have completed a year plus with HCL technologies and it has been a really interesting phase.

I am looking forward to working hard and also play harder in the years to come. I am hoping the next decade is going to be one where everybody rises and rises because there is a resurgence of ethics, conscience and peace.