Monday, December 24, 2012

Another year goes by...

As another year comes to an end and against all odds world has not ended as predicted by the Mayans. But yes life for cricket lovers won't be the same again with retirement of Sachin Tendulkar. But life moves on. Nobody on earth is indispensable, however great he/she is. Everybody cries for some days but eventually you have to move on.

Its been a strange year when negative news has overshadowed the positive events. On national and international front, there has been lots of death and destruction and one can't help but be effected by the cynicism in air. In comparison life around me has been very good. Can only thank God for his blessings.

It has been a very slow year for me professionally. I worked on the same project that I worked on since last 3 years. Though the learning curve has flattened somewhat. I would say, I got a chance to spend sufficient time with family. Having a young kid, it is a blessing to have enough time to see your child grow. Now that  this project draws to a close, and soon there will be a new beginning in my career, it feels good that there is some interesting time ahead professionally. Hoping there will be a upward trend in career in terms of learning and professional growth.

It is when you are free that importance of work strikes you and when you are very busy that you realize the value of free time. During my free time, I grabbed the opportunity to spend time with family and enjoyed few getaways. In 2012,  I went to Coorg once and to Pondicherry 2 times. A long drive, formats your corrupted hard drive(mind) like nothing else and a road trip helps you break the monotony and refresh your thoughts. My trip to Pondicherry last week did just that.

The 300+ Kms to Pondicherry drive was not perfect but it was an adventurous drive considering I took a detour to avoid a real bad patch between Krishnagiri & Tiruvannamalai. I would suggest anyone going to Pondicherry to drive Bangalore-Krishnagiri-Vellore-Gingi route. Though it adds 40 Kms, the road is excellent.

Talking about the holiday, It was a great experience. The Club Mahindra(Zest)resort was a very good one. Especially for a family outing. I enjoyed swimming followed by good food on all 3 days. It was a pleasure to walk around the resort with my little daughter Zuni. It was fun to see her enjoy new surroundings including the beach. It was such nice vacation that I've already planned another outing to Goa with my entire family in Feb middle. Hoping it materializes and we have a blast. We returned to Bangalore on Dec 19th and since that day, I'm yet to get over the holiday hangover.

Now that the year end vacation is complete, its time to take some decisions related to my career. I know for sure there will be some changes by Feb end. But what changes and my reaction to the changes will decide where my career is headed. Along with reaction to changes around, I believe some steps I take proactively will decide the professional journey I take. There is cynicism in the air but I wish to ignore it and make some positive moves Hope and pray that the entire world looks beyond cynicism and takes decisions that are good for all and moves towards making it a happier place.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Been a while since my last post. I've been more frequent on Twitter. It gives you a chance to express your thoughts as they flash in your brain. You can connect to so many people coming from different backgrounds and who hold all kinds of views. It is interesting and confusing at the sametime.

Having said that their are some thoughts hovering in my mind that cannot be expressed in the micro blog and maybe they are best discussed with people who know what I'm talking about. Its been a battle of thoughts inside me on various issues related to politics, life and so many more things.

If you look at it, life is not as complex as it appears on these social networking sites. It's pretty simple to live a principled life and be nice to the people who matter. At the same time being connected to the bigger social responsibilities by helping those who you can and staying content with what you have. Ofcourse, it doesn't mean you should not have ambitions or higher goals. It takes efforts and sacrifices in pursuing these goals.

Generally, social network is a great tool to reach out to the people who matter and stay connected with some very nice people and some vain souls as well. If you know where you want to reach and it compliments your journey, great. But if it is confusing you, better to place take it light. Ramblings of other confused souls should not confuse you further.

In my mind, it is best to stay real and positive about things that affect you but aware about as many things.

As far as my life is concerned, I'm at crossroads on the career front. There are some changes expected and there are some blind corners. I'm hoping for the best things to happen but I need to keep my tools sharp and ready to accept and grab the opportunities that come along. The transition phase in career is full of anxiety but has given me time to spend with my family. It is fun to see your little kid do new things everyday. I'd like to thank God almighty for these precious moments. About the anxious moments related to my career it is time for patience and perseverance.

While all this is happening, I intend to spend enough time in working on my fitness/health. Maybe swim more regularly and play some sport. And not to forget spiritual growth. Need to reach out to the God's word and he will reach out to me. There are so many things to do. Time is limited but its all about using the limited resources and maximize the output for yourself in this world and next.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Back from the Kodava land

I'm back in Bangalore after an amazing weekend in Coorg(Kodagu) with family(Ruqaiya and Zunaira). Its been long time coming and one of the most amazing four days for a long time.

Where do I begin the story? Well, it started on thursday morning with a long drive from Bangalore. The drive from Bangalore to Madikeri is nothing short of spectacular. Bangalore to Mysore is pretty much a fast freeway. Then it gets curvier and exciting. The curves just take your senses for a ride. Its one of the best drives Ive had for a long time.

We stayed at Club Mahindra, the resort has the best facilities for families. There is something for everyone. I enjoyed being so close to the nature. The weather in Coorg is just right compared to Bangalore. Though Bangalore has the best climate among the cities, it is well short of what I have seen while growing up.

The stay at Club Mahindra was a very comfortable one. There is every facility one needs to relax and there is enough for those looking for an adventure. I could not do much adventure because of the continuous rain and also since it was a trip meant to spend more time with my daughter. She had her share of fun in the play area. She enjoyed company of other kids but missed her cousin Faisal a lot.

As far as I am concerned, I enjoyed walking across the resort. As the resort is on a hill walking inside the resort is nothing short of a trek. Along with the trek through the resort I also enjoyed swimming in the pool. Swimming in the cold weather does give you the ilussion that your sins are getting off. Its one of the most amazing experience to swim in cold weather.

Apart from the weather, we saw Raja seat, Abbi falls and the Tibettian settlement. Raja seat gives you a very good panoramic view of the hill Madikeri is situated on. Abbi falls is a very pretty waterfall but I hear it was not at its splendid best. Its a nice trek to and from Abbi falls.

Tibettian settlement near Kushalnagar is a very nice place. But we could not spend enough time over there.

Overall, I would recomend Coorg to bean ideal weekend getaway for those in Bangalore. The road to Coorg is much better than that of other hill stations but it is certainly a very cool place.

There are several homestay options and for the adventure minded people it is a perfect destination.

We returned from Coorg on Sunday via Hassan after visiting my cousin Sakhib. Unfortunately,we missed his son Yasir's Aqiqa on satursay because of heavy rain and low visibilty in Coorg. The drive from Coorg to Hassan is not that great but it was worth the struggle to go and meet the people who matter. Zuni enjoyed playing with her cousins in my aunt's home in Hassan. The drive from Hassan to Bangalore was a spectacular one. We managed to cover nearly 200 kms in 3.5 hours.

At the moment I m on my way to work,updating my blog. Though Bangalore weather is pleasant, I still can't get Coorg out of my head. Hope to have many such holidays in days to come.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm waiting in my office parking lot trying to put my thoughts in words. The thoughts are just so many I start then get confused. Perhaps thats the reason Im not blogging that often. Or perhaps is it because Ive been that busy? I think its all inter related. Everybody needs a bit of monotony and a bit of veriety to make the life fun.

Talking about monotony. It could not be worse. Ive been travelling 50kms daily in peek Bangalore traffic for work. It eats up almost 3 hours daily travelling. I feel Best way to make this travel time fun I feel is to tweet. Its just that even tweeting becomes after a point. Its the best way one can put his thoughts to words in a short timeframe and perhaps by reading some of the tweets,develop a sence of connection with other tweeple. It is interesting not more than a tool to kill time.

Talking about variety,Each day of my life has been unique in the last one year. Yes its been a year exactly since God almighty gifted me with my lovely daughter Zunaira. As I stand at this milestone I think where am I headed. Along with the joy of fatherhood there is also a sense of responsibility. The urge to see my family happy. As Ive got busy with my family, Ive also lost contact with some of my friends. I look forward to meeting them more often. Last year has been pretty slow in terms of work as well. The project Im working has reached a stage where things get done with minimum effort. Only effort I make is getting to office and back home. Life has been easy and challenging in parts. And God has been kind in most regards. Though, there is no reason to complain there is something missing. In those days we chased milestones such as  good score in the board exams or a place in the school cricket team. After a point it just a day to day life with not many goals.

As Zuni reaches the milestone of being a year old I also am staring at the milestone of my 30th birthday. Though birthdays don't mean a lot to me I want to set few goals on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

Personally I would love to spend more quality time with family. Take a vacation atleast once every 3 months. Ive been working hard to regain my lost fitness before my 30th birthday. Though Ive been swimming and doing some other stuff, results have not quite shown. I need a result oriented approach in all spheres.

On the professional front as well, neex to get back the result oriented and 'Can Do' attitude. Its very easy to lose sight of your goals when life becomes too easy. Whats needed in such a situation is a child like enthusiasm in all spheres.

On the spiritual level, I need to have more emphasis on connecting to my creator with a greater commitment. Add meaning to daily rituals and become a better person as a result. Though I look at life pretty positively it is important to remind oneself about the purpose of ones existance.

I would love to work on making myself and my blog more presentable. I'd would love to arrange and express my thoughts better. It would certainly help me be successful at all spheres.

Last but not the least work towards being more result oriented. Look at life with passion and make things happen. Looking forward to revisit my thoughts and keep updating my blog with the milestones of life as I reach them and enjoy the journey as much as reaching the milestones.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Galaxy Note art

Does he look like Me?

Latest obsession

Last few night I got myself a new tablet/smart phone. Since then, I'm trying to post some picture I drew on this new gadget. Though I'm ableo write on my blog, I'm finding it pretty hard to import some images I made to post. Its really frustrating to not be able to complete what you set off to do. Still trying really hard to get my art on the blog. Though this exercise seams futile, maybe I've started to rediscover what it means to strive to achieve an Past few months have been really easy for me at work. So much so that I've just lost the art and science of striving. This futile exercise has made me reflect at the times when I achieved best results. Most of the times skills are best utilised when there is passion. Without passion many potential legends live ordinary lives and with passion many ordinary guys end up being legends. Perhaps these thoughts . in the middle of the night were needed to get me back on my toes. Hopefully this eureka moment will translate to some action. Hope to update some action in posts that follow.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sooo Loong

Its been a while since my last entry. Life has been a bit hectic still seams like not much has happened. It is a phase typical to a parent of an infant.

Last 4 or 5 months have been centered around my daughter Zuni. Everyday with her has been special and every new thing she does is memorable. I try to capture as much as I can in my camera, rest is in my memory.

Last week Ruqu, Zuni and I had a small getaway to Pondicherry. It was an ideal getaway for 3 days. Mostly relaxed, swam and checked out the beach. Zuni was really excited to see the water come at her whenever we went to the beach. Though she does not understand whats really happening. Overall it was her first vacation and it was memorable for Ruqu as she had to enjoy and take care of Zuni at the same time.

For me it was an interesting drive. 80% of the road is amazing. 20% of the road is a nightmare. The stretch between Krishnagiri and Thiruvannamalai is very bumpy. Especially when there is a little baby crying, I would not recomend anyone to take that route.

Now that Ruqu and Zuni have gone to Hyderabad for few days, life is going slow. With Zuni, I hardly find any freetime. Time just passes playing with her. I don't feel like doing anything else that talk to her. Last week has gone much slower than my last month. Hopefully next few days will fly and I will make use of this opportunity to finish some of the pending tasks that I could not when she was around.

Work wise, life is going pretty slow. Not much happening at work but lots in store. Looking forward to the interesting days ahead.

Personally, I am going through a phase when I am trying to learn as much as possible about different spheres of life through staying in touch with some smart bloggers, tweeters etc. But I now feel that is not an ideal way to learn anything. It only helps one get aware about the events happening around. Learning is not that easy. One needs to go through the authentic sources of information available.

Everything combined, my life has been very static over the last year or so. Everything has got a bit repetative. I am looking some drastic changes professionally. I am really waiting to go out of my comfort zone. I feel the change is round the corner.