Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another interesting chapter

It's been quite a while since I made an update. Last when I wrote, I was at crossroads trying to decide the whether to stay east or to move west. There were forces pulling me back to India, Singapore and some forces pulling me westwards to the US. The forces pulling me to the US were strongest and I moved to Chicago around end of February with my family.

After a lot of thought, I took up a journey about which I knew partly what to expect. But also with a number of uncertainties. But the journey has been worth it. First off, at work I joined yet another desi IT company working for yet another US based client in insurance space. It was not as difficult to find my way at the work place. It was mostly been there done that. But working in North America is a lot more tricky. There is no force asking you what to do. But, how you do and how you present it is what matters.

About the city, Chicago has been an amazing place. Over last 6 months, I never felt away from India. There are desis all around and everything a desi needs is not more than a mile away. I'd love to rename Chicagoland as Chicagopur or Chicagobad. Weatherwise, winters are terribly cold and temperatures of 0° F(-20° C) were very common when I arrived. Driving through the snow is an experience not to be missed. I thoroughly enjoyed. We got great help from Ruqu's aunt and other family friends. Words of caution, stay on lanes. Keep the gap and never ever brake hard.

We stayed at Des Plaines(aka desi plaines). Life revolved in and around the sub-urbs. Though, I must say Chicago is among the most beautiful downtown worldwide. I have not seen a lake as huge as lake Michigan and with such a prominent beach. It was completely worth experiencing the windy winter and summer around it.

How can we ignore the Devon ave. Known among the desi's as Diwaan. Almost any cuisine from sub-continent is right there.

Zuni enjoyed a couple of months in pre school. Preschooling, though not compulsary is a great way to keep kids engaged. Started rolling r's and caught up pretty quick on talking the American way as opposed to the nasal Singapore way.

On the other hand, life in US is a great deal of interesting challenges if you don't accept change. Life is particularly hard if you dont drive. Everything is a mile or two away and weather is not always helpful to venture outdoors. As a result, waistlines expand if nothing is done. I need to reverse this pattern and on an urgent basis.

Overall it has been very exciting 6 months and exciting times lined up as my assigbment has ended and have a new phase lined up in the south. I am writing this post as I am flying to NY, followed by Tampa FL.

I look ahead for a longer summer and a longer stay in this beach city. And look ahead to having a great time also post as much as I can whenever I find time. Especially look ahead to enjoy the endless amusement parks in Orlando and visits to my sister just 6 hours away in Atlanta GA.

Lots to see/do/write about and I will try my best read.write