Sunday, April 1, 2012

Galaxy Note art

Does he look like Me?

Latest obsession

Last few night I got myself a new tablet/smart phone. Since then, I'm trying to post some picture I drew on this new gadget. Though I'm ableo write on my blog, I'm finding it pretty hard to import some images I made to post. Its really frustrating to not be able to complete what you set off to do. Still trying really hard to get my art on the blog. Though this exercise seams futile, maybe I've started to rediscover what it means to strive to achieve an Past few months have been really easy for me at work. So much so that I've just lost the art and science of striving. This futile exercise has made me reflect at the times when I achieved best results. Most of the times skills are best utilised when there is passion. Without passion many potential legends live ordinary lives and with passion many ordinary guys end up being legends. Perhaps these thoughts . in the middle of the night were needed to get me back on my toes. Hopefully this eureka moment will translate to some action. Hope to update some action in posts that follow.