Monday, June 30, 2014

Story continues

It has been more than a year in Singapore and lots has happened. Yet, I have been unable to put it on my blog. Call it a writers block or whatever, A lot has happened but was unable to blog. Perhaps, instant gratification of twitter/facebook got the better of my blog.

However, I felt like summarizing my thoughts on a flight back to Singapore from Bangalore after a short vacation. Especially the turbulence in this flight brings thoughts of what might have gone through the minds of those aboard mh370.

Anyway, life has been a roller coaster ride since I first arrived in Singapore on May 19th 2013. Coming on a deployment with an Indian Software services giant, I did not think my tryst with Singapore would be beyond 6 months. However, I felt a sense of stagnation doing same kind of work with the same  client for more than 4 years. An interesting offer came by and I decided to move on. 1st 6 months in Singapore were very challenging. Especially exploring a new place with a young family while almost working 24/7. But yes such experiences teach you a lot. Mainly adversity brings forth a raw humor within the team and the team spirit just takes off.

I enjoyed my 1st stint and it has left indelible footprints on my thought process.

Life in Singapore is very interesting especially for those who enjoy life outdoors. I have made the best of the public swimming pools to chill and flex my muscles and the public transport to explore this tiny island. But limited time and constraints that come with a family have made sure I do things keeping some constraints in mind.

Now that I am with a new financial instution representing another software services company, I feel more things change more they remain the same. I feel the need to diversify and choose an area of expertise to thrive. I have been very undecided on that front.

In between all these confusions on the career front, I have had some fun times. Especially the time when my brother in law Mohsin and my mom visited me in Singapore. Places like Sentosa(especially universal studios) and the central business district of Singapore make you feel no matter how much you explore, the city just keeps changing and entertaining you in so many ways. This post is small to pack all the info.

I look forward to the ride and being on the move and spirit to explore is what keeps you going.