Monday, December 24, 2012

Another year goes by...

As another year comes to an end and against all odds world has not ended as predicted by the Mayans. But yes life for cricket lovers won't be the same again with retirement of Sachin Tendulkar. But life moves on. Nobody on earth is indispensable, however great he/she is. Everybody cries for some days but eventually you have to move on.

Its been a strange year when negative news has overshadowed the positive events. On national and international front, there has been lots of death and destruction and one can't help but be effected by the cynicism in air. In comparison life around me has been very good. Can only thank God for his blessings.

It has been a very slow year for me professionally. I worked on the same project that I worked on since last 3 years. Though the learning curve has flattened somewhat. I would say, I got a chance to spend sufficient time with family. Having a young kid, it is a blessing to have enough time to see your child grow. Now that  this project draws to a close, and soon there will be a new beginning in my career, it feels good that there is some interesting time ahead professionally. Hoping there will be a upward trend in career in terms of learning and professional growth.

It is when you are free that importance of work strikes you and when you are very busy that you realize the value of free time. During my free time, I grabbed the opportunity to spend time with family and enjoyed few getaways. In 2012,  I went to Coorg once and to Pondicherry 2 times. A long drive, formats your corrupted hard drive(mind) like nothing else and a road trip helps you break the monotony and refresh your thoughts. My trip to Pondicherry last week did just that.

The 300+ Kms to Pondicherry drive was not perfect but it was an adventurous drive considering I took a detour to avoid a real bad patch between Krishnagiri & Tiruvannamalai. I would suggest anyone going to Pondicherry to drive Bangalore-Krishnagiri-Vellore-Gingi route. Though it adds 40 Kms, the road is excellent.

Talking about the holiday, It was a great experience. The Club Mahindra(Zest)resort was a very good one. Especially for a family outing. I enjoyed swimming followed by good food on all 3 days. It was a pleasure to walk around the resort with my little daughter Zuni. It was fun to see her enjoy new surroundings including the beach. It was such nice vacation that I've already planned another outing to Goa with my entire family in Feb middle. Hoping it materializes and we have a blast. We returned to Bangalore on Dec 19th and since that day, I'm yet to get over the holiday hangover.

Now that the year end vacation is complete, its time to take some decisions related to my career. I know for sure there will be some changes by Feb end. But what changes and my reaction to the changes will decide where my career is headed. Along with reaction to changes around, I believe some steps I take proactively will decide the professional journey I take. There is cynicism in the air but I wish to ignore it and make some positive moves Hope and pray that the entire world looks beyond cynicism and takes decisions that are good for all and moves towards making it a happier place.