Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mad mad world(not quite)

Last year or so has been a roller coaster ride for almost everyone. It began with words like recession and subprime crisis. A black man ran for the white house and and we have him there.

One of the biggest software companies in India is in a mess because of fraud. Funniest part is its name....Satyam(meaning truth).

We saw the biggest hiring spree a couple of years back. Every IT company announced in its quarterly result. We added 10000+ people this quarter. Now we hear things like 10000 people fired per week.

We saw Australian cricket team lose both test and ODI series at home. Looks like its rein as the superpower is coming to an end.

Every conversation is depressing and hovers around these depressing topics. I'd like to believe its a wake up call. We learn to live within our means accept the change as a new beginning.

Its just the cycle of life. Everybody has humble beginnings. They grow with principles and efforts. They stagnate and someone else takes over. God tests in good and bad times. We need to stand up to the test. Have the courage and patience in bad times. We need to be thankful in good times. But cheerful at all times.

I want to stop thinking of this fear/depression I see all around. I want to learn/improve professionally and personally. Its a gloomy phase. But have to be prepared to make hay when the sun shines. Sun will shine sooner or later. Every night is followed by a day. Lets chill and wait with hope and belief.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 a new start

It was a year back that I decided to move to a new job and a new country not knowing what to expect but with a positive attitude. Its been a year after that and times have changed. In the process I learnt a lot. The learning has been fun.

Changing my job twice in the same year has taught me one golden lesson "no matter how much you change things will always be the same". Last year we used to get interview calls every week but now all the job portals have gone empty. Last year every company treated its employees like the boss but now its the "take it or leave it" attitude. But one thing has remained the same, work has kept me really busy. Hardly have time for myself. And the worst part is we need to remain busy to protect our jobs. We have to adapt and most importantly enjoy every moment as it is. I think its time to learn as much as possible so that it can be encashed when better times return.

One more thing I've learnt is that nothing is permanent. Everything finishes one day or the other. The biggest empires and civilizations have been razed to rubble. Thats the cycle of life. Who was a superpower yesterday is nobody today. The same holds good for all of us. We have to do our best to enjoy the journey and we can expect results only from God. I believe better times will return. God is with those who are patient (Innallaha ma as sabireen).