Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here comes another World Cup

Even before I realise, four years have passed and another world cup is round the corner. It feels like yesterday that the Indian team threw away their chances against Bangladesh and the Paki's lost to Ireland. Bob Woolmer died. At a venue where one wanted to witness an India-Pak clash, one had to be content with a Ireland-Bangladesh ODI.

Four years have passed in a flash and lots has changed. Aussies are no longer the invincible unit that they have been for more than a decade now. England are no mere pushovers. They are the reigning T20 champions. Kiwi's were beaten in 10 consecutive ODI's in the subcontinent. The Paki's have been in middle of all controversies. In particular, the spot-fixing. Even they are not able to choose their captain. Exception to the long list of changes is the little master Sachin Tendulkar. He graduated from the little baby of the Indian cricket team in the 1992 edition to the kaku(uncle) of most players in the 2011 edition. His passion has been the same for this many years and it is the best opportunity for him to be a part of the world cup winning team.

This world cup does promise to be a tournament filled with surprises. As far as I am concerned, the format is not the perfect one. First of all, both the groups have 4 top teams and 4 minnows. It is highly likely that the 4 top teams will make it to the quarter finals. After that, anybody who can win 3 in a row will lift the cup. The previous editions of the world cup(outside the subcontinent) valued consistency. Atleast the 1999/2003 editions where the super6's gave chance to the teams with a poor start to comeback. At the same time, those editions were helped the consistent teams qualify for the semi-finals. 2007 was a big drag with the super 8s.

Though there is a grey area in the system, it gives a dark horse a chance to turn the tables. All the sub-continent teams that won the world cup did so as dark horses. I truly hope it is a tournament filled with surprises and a tournament where some great cricket is played and where a new world order is set.

Will the aussies rise from ashes (ashes debacle)like they did last time after a 3-0 whitewash by the kiwis in 2007? Will the men in blue live upto their favourites tag? Will the Englishmen take their ashes form into the WC? Will the Proteas lift their tag of chokers? Will their be another surprise? Not easy to tell. All I can hope for is a well faught world cup and may the best team win. Hopefully it is the men in blue. Whatsay?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting started...

A new decade has started and there changes everywhere. First of all the IPL is in for a revamp. Not many cricketers are playing for their native cities. It is extremely difficult to pick whome to support. Though I got used to support the RCB, now I find the crux of Bengaluru cricketers spread all across. Change is something most of us detest but eventually get used to.

Talking about change, I am looking forward to some big changes in my life. No... I am not in a hurry to change my job. Just want to change the way I organise myself. I think there are a number of aspects where I need to change. First of all, I need to improve the way I organise myself at work. The workoholic phase I had last year has made me someone who either works like a donkey or sleeps like a log. This needs to change. Though I have added many new activities to my daily schedule, I need to be more consistent about some of things I do.

First of all I need to make sure I work for 8 hours in office and those 8 hours are high intensity work. I need to switch from everything when at work. See to it that I prioritise tasks better and focus of the quality of deliverables. I am soon gonna take up responsibility of leading a team and I need to look beyond just developing the code.

Next, I need to learn how to switch off from work the minute I step out. I need to focus of my off work activities. Especially swim more regularly. Since I have started practicing with the HCL corporate cricket team, I need to practice regularly and try hard to play the game I love for the love of it. And not to mention plan my holidays better and visit some interesting places.

On the family front, I need to be able to give more time to family and friends. Last year or so has been extremely busy and more than anything else, I have not really planned my days well. Need to get my social life back on track.

Have so much to do. How to get going? First step to get going is making a start. Since last few months I have found that my day starts late and time management is not something I can boast about. The best days in my life have began from fajr(dawn prayers). I just want my day to actually begin at dawn and start my day reading something positive and with some physical activity. Soon after which it is easier to get in the groove to work.

I am not someone who ever made a resolution let alone adhere to it. However, I think it is time I have a new outlook for this decade. I believe I can if I get started...