Monday, May 25, 2009

Bottoms up

If a phrase could summarise IPL 2009 it would obviously be "Bottom's up". We saw the bottom most teams from the 2008 IPL make it to the finals and the bottom most lift the cup. Even last year the least favourite team lifted the trophy. This unpredictability is what makes T20 such an exciting form of cricket. It was a very closely fought competition and it was anybodies cup till the last few league matches. I was personally disappointed when Rajasthan Royals lost to KKR. But, they were not the real consistent types. Their performances were not consistent enough. In short they were unpredictable.

Talking about the unpredictability, who would have expected two hatricks from Yuvraj and another one from Rohit Sharma? And such an utter failure from Robin Uthappa. Bangalore getting into such a comfortable position and throwing it away from there. The most unexpected hero of last night was Harmeet Singh. Nobody expected such a dibly dobly bowler to pick crucial two wickets and take a blinder when guys like Dravid and Uthappa were dropping sitters.

It has been a fairy tail journey for Gilchrist. It is a great victory to add to his tally of three world cups. The Aussies have proved time and again they are born to fight and to win. It is an honour not even the great Sachin or Kumble could achieve.

I would have hoped an Indian captain lifting the coveted trophy but lets hope next time. Looking at the existing trend we can hope Mumbai Indians and KKR in the finals next year. And hope to see dada lift the trophy. Very unlikely if you apply logic. But much more strange things have happened in the past.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Royal Disappointment

Finally, We are through the league stage of IPL and we know the four semifinalists. I am disappointed by the exit of Rajasthan Royals. They were a great team because they played really well under pressure. But they were inconsistent. You can not be a team of just three or four good players and expect them to win every match for you.

Anyway, whats gone is gone. But kudos to KKR. They found form a bit late but atleast they proved thay are no mere pushovers. Their win against Rajasthan Royals reminded me of the scene in Bazigar where Shahrukh pushes Shilpa Shetty off the roof to settle old scores.

Now I better shift my focus from Royals to Royal Challengers. I have not been faithful to my own city so far. Its hard to explain why. Today's game against the Deccan Chargers was an awesome break for Manish Pandey. The stage is now set for a great showdown. I hope Royal challengers are not another royal disappointment like the Rajasthan Royals.

Lets wait and watch whats in store. Let the best team win.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Singh is king...Jai hooooo....

The election results are out and Singh is king yet again. After nearly a month of campaigning(mudslinging) and promises of all kinds the public of India has given its verdict against the kingmakers(blackmailers) and hatemongers.

In my opinion the 2009 general election is a turning point for our nation. After more than a decade of coalition politics of the worst kind we have seen a government which doesnt really need support in exchange of powerful portfolios. Now the onus is on the UPA to prove its worth. The results have been encouraging for the fact that people have not fallen either to the hatred trap either on regional or communal lines. The public has chosen a party which is more inclusive in its approach and has a national vision rather than a regional/communal one.

One reason why I feel it is a good news for the nation is that difficult decisions can be taken without getting worried about losing power. Last five years we saw blackmailing of different kinds especially from the left. Some portfolio's had to be given to tainted politicians just to keep the NDA out of power. Inspite of pro corporate leanings, the last government dint know weather to be socialist or capitalist. Many decisions were quite a hotchpotch. Not that the UPA is a bunch of angel's. Among all the political parties they seam to be the only one who looks at India with a broader vission. It tries to include all the countrymen and recognises differences. Their are others who either have an elitist view or purely a mass view. Our country will bear the fruit of their vission only if they are accountable and honest with the responsibility they have got.

Now the onus is on the government to come out clean and prove that thay can truly take the country in the right direction. Next five years will be more crucial than just the last month. UPA will be tested how united they can keep our country and how progressive they are. I hope and pray that the power makes them responsible and takes our country in the right direction.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Much needed break

The long weekend was an interesting getaway. Sakhib and I decided on thurday night to drive down to Coorg on friday morning. It was a last minute plan and it is only last minute plans that work for me. The drive started on friday morning around 8 30 am. It was a very comfortable drive through the highway. We took a break around Ramnagar in a Barista and drove till Hunsur where we performed our Jummah prayers. We reached Club Mahindra in Marcera at 4 30 PM. Entire drive was pretty good except some traffic jam around Mandya.

The evening in Club Mahindra was pretty good. Cozy is the exact word to describe that resort. A much needed break from the mundane life in Bangalore. We played snooker and had a walk through almost forest like atmoshpere in club Mahindra before having a good dinner and hitting the bed. The night was like the time spent in Hassan many years back where Sakhib and I met only during the holidays. Just talking nonsence before actually going to sleep.

The next morning began with a good session of swimming and a buffet breakfast. It was a filling breakfast before checking out from there. After checking out, we drove to Abbey falls. Met some students over their who guided us to the fort and we had lunch in a mughlai restaurant called Choice. The food was alright but the service was nothing to boast about.

Post lunch we checked into another hotel which was pretty ordinary compared to luxurious Club Mahindra where our booking was just for one day. In the evening we went to Raja seat which was really crowded. Followed by an awesome drive to the Tibetian refugee camp. It was an empty and well maintained highway. The up's and downs were fun. We expected something interesting but everything was shut pretty early. We made a Tibetian friend "Norbu". He guided us through the refugee camp. It was late then so we drove back hoping for an interesting visit next morning.

After a really good drive we got back home and caught up with some IPL action. It was really nice to see Rajasthan Royals beat the Deccan chargers. Now the points table looks very balanced. Other than KKR everybody has a chance. Even KKR can get back if they win every game, ofcourse depending on how others perform. Improbable not impossible.

Next morning, we woke up late and started our return journey at 10 30. Reached Bylacuppe where we checked out the Golden temple and the Tibet camp. It was just like visiting a new country. It was reminiscent of some of the Buddhist temples I saw in Japan but was unique in its own way. There was a bit of India and a bit of China in everything we saw. We had our lunch in a Tibetian restaurant. I had a Thukpa which reminded me so much of Soba(Japanese soup noodles). Sakhib ordered for Chowmein. It was full of Garlic and tasted pretty bad. Overall, it was an interesting experiment.

We drove back to Bangalore in about 4 hours. But we got stuck in a maze called NICE road trying to reach Kanakapura road. We entered Kanakapura road alright but started driving todards Kanakapura(wrong directions on the interchange). I realised if we have to go towards Bangalore we should be headed northwards but we were moving towards south(the setting sun showed us the direction). We took a U turn and drove back to Bangalore. Just to realise the weather had been much cooler in Bangalore in the last 3 days. The trip was fun. The standout feature was the lovely drive and complete lazy time spent in a new place. Especially spending so much time with my cousin after years. Looking forward to more such getaways in the near future.