Saturday, May 16, 2009

Singh is king...Jai hooooo....

The election results are out and Singh is king yet again. After nearly a month of campaigning(mudslinging) and promises of all kinds the public of India has given its verdict against the kingmakers(blackmailers) and hatemongers.

In my opinion the 2009 general election is a turning point for our nation. After more than a decade of coalition politics of the worst kind we have seen a government which doesnt really need support in exchange of powerful portfolios. Now the onus is on the UPA to prove its worth. The results have been encouraging for the fact that people have not fallen either to the hatred trap either on regional or communal lines. The public has chosen a party which is more inclusive in its approach and has a national vision rather than a regional/communal one.

One reason why I feel it is a good news for the nation is that difficult decisions can be taken without getting worried about losing power. Last five years we saw blackmailing of different kinds especially from the left. Some portfolio's had to be given to tainted politicians just to keep the NDA out of power. Inspite of pro corporate leanings, the last government dint know weather to be socialist or capitalist. Many decisions were quite a hotchpotch. Not that the UPA is a bunch of angel's. Among all the political parties they seam to be the only one who looks at India with a broader vission. It tries to include all the countrymen and recognises differences. Their are others who either have an elitist view or purely a mass view. Our country will bear the fruit of their vission only if they are accountable and honest with the responsibility they have got.

Now the onus is on the government to come out clean and prove that thay can truly take the country in the right direction. Next five years will be more crucial than just the last month. UPA will be tested how united they can keep our country and how progressive they are. I hope and pray that the power makes them responsible and takes our country in the right direction.

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