Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm waiting in my office parking lot trying to put my thoughts in words. The thoughts are just so many I start then get confused. Perhaps thats the reason Im not blogging that often. Or perhaps is it because Ive been that busy? I think its all inter related. Everybody needs a bit of monotony and a bit of veriety to make the life fun.

Talking about monotony. It could not be worse. Ive been travelling 50kms daily in peek Bangalore traffic for work. It eats up almost 3 hours daily travelling. I feel Best way to make this travel time fun I feel is to tweet. Its just that even tweeting becomes after a point. Its the best way one can put his thoughts to words in a short timeframe and perhaps by reading some of the tweets,develop a sence of connection with other tweeple. It is interesting not more than a tool to kill time.

Talking about variety,Each day of my life has been unique in the last one year. Yes its been a year exactly since God almighty gifted me with my lovely daughter Zunaira. As I stand at this milestone I think where am I headed. Along with the joy of fatherhood there is also a sense of responsibility. The urge to see my family happy. As Ive got busy with my family, Ive also lost contact with some of my friends. I look forward to meeting them more often. Last year has been pretty slow in terms of work as well. The project Im working has reached a stage where things get done with minimum effort. Only effort I make is getting to office and back home. Life has been easy and challenging in parts. And God has been kind in most regards. Though, there is no reason to complain there is something missing. In those days we chased milestones such as  good score in the board exams or a place in the school cricket team. After a point it just a day to day life with not many goals.

As Zuni reaches the milestone of being a year old I also am staring at the milestone of my 30th birthday. Though birthdays don't mean a lot to me I want to set few goals on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

Personally I would love to spend more quality time with family. Take a vacation atleast once every 3 months. Ive been working hard to regain my lost fitness before my 30th birthday. Though Ive been swimming and doing some other stuff, results have not quite shown. I need a result oriented approach in all spheres.

On the professional front as well, neex to get back the result oriented and 'Can Do' attitude. Its very easy to lose sight of your goals when life becomes too easy. Whats needed in such a situation is a child like enthusiasm in all spheres.

On the spiritual level, I need to have more emphasis on connecting to my creator with a greater commitment. Add meaning to daily rituals and become a better person as a result. Though I look at life pretty positively it is important to remind oneself about the purpose of ones existance.

I would love to work on making myself and my blog more presentable. I'd would love to arrange and express my thoughts better. It would certainly help me be successful at all spheres.

Last but not the least work towards being more result oriented. Look at life with passion and make things happen. Looking forward to revisit my thoughts and keep updating my blog with the milestones of life as I reach them and enjoy the journey as much as reaching the milestones.

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