Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sooo Loong

Its been a while since my last entry. Life has been a bit hectic still seams like not much has happened. It is a phase typical to a parent of an infant.

Last 4 or 5 months have been centered around my daughter Zuni. Everyday with her has been special and every new thing she does is memorable. I try to capture as much as I can in my camera, rest is in my memory.

Last week Ruqu, Zuni and I had a small getaway to Pondicherry. It was an ideal getaway for 3 days. Mostly relaxed, swam and checked out the beach. Zuni was really excited to see the water come at her whenever we went to the beach. Though she does not understand whats really happening. Overall it was her first vacation and it was memorable for Ruqu as she had to enjoy and take care of Zuni at the same time.

For me it was an interesting drive. 80% of the road is amazing. 20% of the road is a nightmare. The stretch between Krishnagiri and Thiruvannamalai is very bumpy. Especially when there is a little baby crying, I would not recomend anyone to take that route.

Now that Ruqu and Zuni have gone to Hyderabad for few days, life is going slow. With Zuni, I hardly find any freetime. Time just passes playing with her. I don't feel like doing anything else that talk to her. Last week has gone much slower than my last month. Hopefully next few days will fly and I will make use of this opportunity to finish some of the pending tasks that I could not when she was around.

Work wise, life is going pretty slow. Not much happening at work but lots in store. Looking forward to the interesting days ahead.

Personally, I am going through a phase when I am trying to learn as much as possible about different spheres of life through staying in touch with some smart bloggers, tweeters etc. But I now feel that is not an ideal way to learn anything. It only helps one get aware about the events happening around. Learning is not that easy. One needs to go through the authentic sources of information available.

Everything combined, my life has been very static over the last year or so. Everything has got a bit repetative. I am looking some drastic changes professionally. I am really waiting to go out of my comfort zone. I feel the change is round the corner.

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