Thursday, January 3, 2008

Naya saal nayi naukri...

It has been a very happy new year so far. It is a new beginning in a number of ways. There were some very tough decissions taken last year because of which I am in the current situation. It was not an easy decission to resign from a company like TCS. Many of my friends asked me to reconsider my decission. But now that I have taken the decission I better not look back.

I joined Satyam at the Sheshadripuram office on Jan 2nd. It was full of paperwork. But was not as tedious as when I joined TCS(I had no work experience then). Today I reported at the electronic city campus. Rode my bike to the office. Its the longest bike ride for sometime now. It was fun, though the road and traffic has deteriorated since I went there, the last time. I was expected to sit in the library while my workstation was being setup. I used the opportunity to go through some interesting internal documents, mainly about working in the different countries where Satyam has its business. It is interesting to learn about different countries/cultures.

It felt very nostalgic, as right opposite my satyam office is the first TCS office I reported to. Brought back memories of 2005 January when I had joined TCSBTS(earlier known as phoenix global solution, it was acquired by TCS around then). It was my first job and I travelled on the same bike, on the same highway but to the building facing my current office.

I did nothing the whole day and mostly thinking about my old company and friends. Like they say "idle mind is devils workshop". I feel looking back is alright but to get stuck in the past is terrible. Though the first job is very special till you move on you wont realise its worth.

Now that Ive put the past behind, its high time I enjoy and perform in the present so that my future is a result of this effort. Have to get back to office in the morning. I have lost practice of leaving to work early having worked for a US customer for more than a year now. Guess I can say now for sure, its a new year and a new beginning.


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