Sunday, February 17, 2008

Work, work and more work

This week has been the most hectic one of my life. Its sunday afternoon and Im in office went home last night at midnight. Never did I study or work so much even during my exams. We have a delivery scheduled on 29th feb and we are way behind schedule. More we test our code more defects we find and more changes we have to make. I think this is how the software industry functions. The approach is much more relaxed in India where "its human to err(ocassionally)". In Japan mistakes are a cardinal sin. So we have to test our code again and again and again before the tester has a look of it.

Having said all that, I consider myself lucky to have found a very friendly and understanding team over here. The atmosphere is professional yet fun. Last night I had my dinner in our favourite Neel Gagan at midnight with my project manager Deepak. Saw a bit of the movie Sunday there and returned home around 1 am. Best part of this country is anybody can go anywhere at anytime and feel safe. There are cops everywhere and everything is systematic. Maybe this system is a result of the workaholism that defines the Japanese.

On lighter note I think I can suggest Rajkumar Hirani to make a Munnabhai sequel (Munna san in Japan). Preaching the japanese to go a bit easier on work and have a "tension lene ka nahi tension dene ka" attitude. Even as I write, I have another defect to fix. I better get back to fixing the bugs.

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