Monday, April 21, 2008

Still around

Im still around I havent updated my blog in the last one month. Not because Im busy but I have done nothing special or new. Its been pretty monotonous of late. Go to office and do your work. On weekend I go around, typically to some spots within Hon atsugi or to Tokyo. Besides saturday nights are reserved to the deeni talk followed by dinner in Ebina masjid. It has been three months away from home and Ive started started missing India.

As far as my project goes, the development phase is done and the code is getting tested. We will have work only incase of any defect found or if the client wants some change to be implemented. One important member of our team, Rajasree left to India this morning. She will be back in 15 days till then Siddhartha and I have to even manage her part of the project. My current project is expected to finish by may end or june 1st week. Im not sure whats in store after that. However, I will be completely free through the next week. Its called the Golden week here. I plan to go see some new city in Japan. I hope Osaka, Kobe and Hiroshima. Siddhartha is unsure. Lets see if it works out.

For now I have nothing to update. There will be something interesting hopefully after the golden week. Till then its a slow but steady life at work.

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