Monday, July 14, 2008

What am I upto?

I am still trying to figure out "What am I really upto?". I returned to India on 31st May and since then not a lot has happened professionally. I have even hibernated from posting on my blog . On the personal front however things have been good.

On reaching India somethings have looked awesome but I miss some experiences. The best things in India are family and food. The home food and eating out has made me pretty fat the happiness can be seen through the tires around my waist. Just started jogging last week to get healthier. However, Ive been missing the train rides from Atsugi to Tokyo and within Tokyo in the metro. Everytime I pass through MG road, I think when will I travel on "Namma Metro". Even the drive through Hosur road is pretty painful. But I do see hope in the near future as the flyover work is progressing pretty well. One thing is for sure, grass is always greener on the other side. I missed India in Japan and now I remember those days in Japan.

There has hardly been any work in office. The HR guys are trying to allocate some new project to me but as of now nothing seams to be coming. This is the time I have to invest in learning. Since I returned to India the most interesting thing has been meeting my family. Especially the latest member Faisal. He was born on 2nd June. My sister became a mum and I became an uncle.

Frankly speaking, its kind of an offseason on the professional front. Till some new project comes along I have to try to catch up with friends. For now its just an entry in the blog to say "I am still around".

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