Monday, July 6, 2009

As of now...

Last month has been pretty testing for me in many ways. Atlast work has begun full flow and there are new challenges in getting adjusted to the new technologies and techniques. Not that exciting as it initially sounded but life is going on.

One happy event was Sakhib's engagement. The trip to Hassan was a nice one after many years. I could recall so many trips to my aunt's home in my younger days.

It is a pleasure to see Faisal grow in front of my eyes from a baby to a little boy. He is the most interesting person in my home who makes us smile even when the going gets tough.

There have been some testing times for my dear ones of late. Everybody is fighting just like the world has been fighting the recession. Bad times will pass and good times will return. One has to face everything with the grit but not without letting the happier moments pass. Only in tough times does one value those moments.

Like this post, my mind has been swaying between happy and not so happy thoughts. I rather look at the glass as half full and wait for some interesting updates till I update my blog next. Bye till then.

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