Monday, January 25, 2010

New challenges

New year has started with new challenges. Since marriage, life has been fun but new responsibilities have kept me on my toes. To begin with my office is now near ITPL. Though the project is interesting, the distance to work is more and perfect time management is needed to strike a work life balance.

At work, I am now designing an application for a banking client. It is a responsibility I have not taken up till now. It is a challenge professionally to bring together technical and management skills. Especially communicating to the client and about my design and convincing them that my approach is a viable one. Its challenging but fun. Especially when the client is from the US of A, it becomes difficult to get your message across. Most of the US clients that I have worked with have a do as I say attitude(especially when there is an American desi sitting over there). Well, that is how it goes. Taking such things personally only spoils your night's sleep. I can never compromise on that.

At home, life has been different. Now I have to finish work on time and rush home. Someone is waiting for me. Most of my friends have started complaining that I do not have enough time for them. Even preparing for my sisters wedding has made my life pretty hectic. In short everything has been hectic but interesting.

Many of my friends had warned me about the responsibilities marriage will bring along and marriage as an unpleasant experience. For me marriage has been the only way to seek a companion for life. It has come with its own challenges but it has been worth it and I am definitely not complaining.

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