Sunday, June 24, 2007

First blog

Hi everyone. Before I start posting my thoughts on my blog let me first introduce myself. I am Mohamed Talha (yet another) software engineer from Bangalore. As any other Indian a big cricket fan. Love to play, travel & meet people. Though by nature I am a terribly lazy person, I try my best to be active. All my education has been in Bangalore. Went to The Home school, St. Josephs Indian High school, BHS First grade college & did my engineering in KSIT. I think all my long lost friends can identify with this much information as my name is pretty rare. Having been with a huge company like TCS I have had an opportunity to live in three different cities Coimbatore, Kolkata & Bangalore so far. Well thats me in a nutshell. Will post my thoughts in this blog as and when they strike my mind.


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