Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some thoughts atlast

After weeks of coding and basically warming my chair at office, I finally decided to go on a weekend drive. Was the first long drive with my friends(atleast in my dad's knowledge). I asked Asif to decide on the destination a week back. He decided to fish on the net and finalised "Cauvery fishing camp" a place famous for river rafting. I was too lazy to do any research myself and had no choice but to go with his choice.

Got the car repaired on friday. On the saturday morning Asif, Shoaib, Avik, Prashant and myself started for our destination. We drove through Kanakapura road for a 100kms. Road was good but not great. Atlast we reached our destination to find out we cant enter this fishing camp as we needed to book 7 days in advance. That was a wasted effort having driven for 100 kms.

We couldnot waste this weekend, so we decided to go to the nearest picnic spot and decided on Shivanasamudra. We relied on a hawkers directions and took off. Asif drove from there to Malvalli a sleepy town nead Mandya. We had our lunch at around 4pm. Relaxed for a while over there and left to Shivanasamudram about 30 kms from there(70 kms from Cauvery fishing camp). Our initial plan was to get back home before 7 PM. We reached Shivanasamudra at 5 PM. Thats how well I plan.

Now that we reached our destination, I must say it was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen in karnataka. I had never been to the right places at the right time(went to jog falls twice when it was completely dry). The view was even more beautiful because of the recent rains. One thing I forgot to mention is our friend Avik hadnt eaten anything from morning(the meal in Malvalli was just grass for him as meat is the most component of his diet). He was happy now that he found an eatery serving chicken noodles. Now he looked like a healthy guy. Hitherto, he looked like he might go to coma any moment. We spent about 1 hr over there clicked some pics and decided to get back home.

One most important thing I forgot to mention is my dad calling me every 15-20 min asking if I was fine. This was the first time he knew that I had gone for such a long drive with my friends. Till then every trip was a secret and an adventure. The reason he called so many times was that Bangalore was flooding when we were enjoying the lovely weather 130 kms away. Anyway no complaints about the calls as it was this concern I missed so much when I was in Kolkata. Nobody would know when things go wrong.

The return trip was 130 kms. We drove from Shivanasamudra back to Malvalli. From Malvalli we drove to Maddur and got on tthe Bangalore Mysore highway. It was an awesome drive from there to Bangalore. On reaching Bangalore we took the wrong flyover and reached right in middle of the city which was almost knee deep in water. That was the reason anybody who called us from Bangalore wanted us to stay back. Then we dropped the other guys in Koramangla. Asif and I drove back to our homes in Jayanagar.

Was overall a nice experience, especially the drive was very scenic and the adventure of finding our way on a new highway. Next time we better make sure, where we are going and better not travel without reservations. I am looking forward to the next drive to Cauvery fishing camp. Asif will do the booking.

PS: Whoever had the patience to read this complete blog I am sure is completely jobless. But not as much as me, I wrote this in my office during my work hours. ;)

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