Thursday, October 25, 2007

Darde disco fever

Wonder what Javed saab ate (drank rather) when he wrote this song. I am still trying to figure out its meaning. Well, it could mean the pains a 40 something would feel if he shook a leg on the dance floor after years of lethargy. And who better than Shahrukh to talk about the pains of 40+ junta of our country. Its not that bad after all if someone like Shahrukh inspires the country to hit the gym and do anything within there limits to get the six pack. It is actually a trend now. Not only Shahrukh, but also Shekhar Suman and Anil Ambani are a part of this six pack 40+ bandwagon. It is a very pleasant sight to see the otherwise lethargic beerbellies hit the gym and get in shape.

However, it would look terrible if men became really obsessed like the ladies with their looks. And spent too many hours at the gym or beauty parlour err... salon's just to look more like the "6 pack Khan". Thats the flip side of the consumer culture, though it keeps us on toes to bring out best out of us. It should not make us a slave to populism at the cost of our normal lives. I have seen kids as young as 14, avoid outdoor games just because it would tan their skin.

Let this darde disco fever just encourage us to go out play hard and lead a healthy normal lifestyle and lets leave the beauty obsession to the showbiz guys/gals.

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