Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nothing to do nothing to write

I have been sitting in the office for the last 6 hours trying to make a change to the code but the link is down and I am not able to upload the few changes I have made to the code today. Meanwhile, in another window I am trying to write something in my blog, I am not getting anything to write. Its one of those days when nothing moves inspite of your best efforts. This is a way of life in the IT services industry. You spend so many days doing nothing but the client gets billed and pays your company for every moment you spend chatting/coding/blogging. Moreso, when the network is really slow that the real work we are paid to do just doesnt happen. Meanwhile, most of us spend our time browsing the net looking for stock prices/cricket scores or other job opportunities.

I spent most of the time today reading blogs on the net mainly political ones. I search for topics related to national and international politics. The most controversial topics always grab my attention. Be it the Ramarsetu, nuclear agreement, Nandigram issue, Kashmir or Palestine conflict the politics behind it is very complex and very interesting. The politics is not so different from the K series soap opera's, which Indian women love to watch. By the time I've managed to write this much nonsense on my blog today its time for me to leave.

I will send a status mail to the client guy and leave for the day now. This is a typical day(when there is no deadline to complete a project) in a software engineers life in a huge Indian software services company.

Gotta go bye for now!!!

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