Monday, September 1, 2008

Changes yet again

Lots of new stuff has been happening around me of late. First of all, its my last week in Satyam. I will be joining IBM next week. This was expected as there are no projects in my area of work in Satyam Bangalore at the moment and sitting on the bench sucks big time. Well, how life in IBM will be again depends on the kind of work I'll have to do there. I feel its another decission with an element of risk. Lets see how things go.

Life has been pretty slow till now. Since June a lot has happened around me but not much with me. I guess I expected it to go really fast since I joined Satyam but its not exactly been as per plans. Either things go too fast or too slow. Thats expected in the IT industry. One good side of changing the job right now is that this ramazan will go pretty peacefully. First week will go in my notice period and rest within the first few days in a new company. I hope it will be a peaceful and blessed month.

For now, I just want to start afresh in a new job. I expect some action post Ramazan both personally and professionally. Watch this space for more updates.

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