Thursday, September 25, 2008

New beginning...yet again...

Its another new beginning for me. Its the second new job in the same year. Life seams the same when you move from one software services company to another. However, this is the first non Indian company I have joined. It is a bit different and since IBM is an older and bigger company I see the processes are more stable and are more strictly followed. It looks more performance oriented than my previous companies, by the look of it. But I guess what meets the eye in the first few weeks in just the tip of the ice berg.

Another interesting part has been starting work in ramazan after months of rest. And the office is 22 kms away that makes it even worse. Leaving to work in the morning at 8 and returning home at 10 pm after taravi. Its tough but better than doing nothing at home. My project is still in its beginning phase and since we have no connection to the server. Its been all planning and learning. Work should begin with full flow post ramazan.

Other than work life has been pretty slow not much on the personal front and even all my friends are busy. For now I have planned to start jogging and exersizing and a couple of trips are planned post ramazan. Other than that its been pretty easy going. I am looking forward to some action pretty soon.

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