Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some changes hurt

I started jogging yesterday near my home in one of the parks on rose garden road. I entered the park for the first time yesterday but I have driven through rose garden road forever. I actually dint know its real name till recently. I used to call it the shady road. because of the trees on either sides and they give shade to the entire road. At times even when it rains the whole road is protected from the rain. It is one of the most beautiful sights in Bangalore.

Just when I returned home after the jog I read an editorial in the paper which spoke about the damages the metro rail projects would cause. It dint occur to me till then that the parks along rose garden road would be damaged to accomodate the rail line and even the Jayanagar station would replace one of the parks. I always felt so good about the metro project but this thought spoilt my mood.

Now Bangalore is all set to graduate from the garden city to a concrete jungle. Im just hoping against hope that the damaged yet to be caused is minimised.

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