Sunday, November 30, 2008

Changing times

As we see the world shrink into a global village and technology bridge the geographic boundaries, The emergence of the poorer countries challenge the super powers of the last century we are also witnessing other changes that are very disturbing. Especially the events in Mumbai in the last few weeks have been an alarm of sorts. Even the beast within the human race has become more advanced and ruthless.

Its sad to see people use religion, nationalism, etc. selectively to accomplish their selfish goals. Before I look beyond our border I feel we are not honest with ourselves. Our government is playing to the galleries when it says the same story after every blast. They have been busy covering up their own intelligence flaws. We all know there are insurgent groups within our country who exploit human emotions and play the divide and conquer policy. Some of them are hand in glove with the political parties. We need the common man to understand these tricks.

All of us especially the educated types need to participate in the public life and help the ignorant mass understand these games. The educated crowd rarely votes and are often taken for granted by the political parties. We strongly need the educated and the financially sound people to take more social responsibility especially in educating the others.

I believe our education system is more focussed towards producing many doctors and engineers who are completely driven by their material goals. We need a system which focusses strongly on value based system. Which would make our society shun the social, economic and class inequity. A society where there would be peace and justice in all spheres of life.

It is very easy to be critical and have an opinion about every other person but to change the system a we all need to work on changing the way each of us percieve ourselves and whats around us. What we see around us is a identity based politics and in a country like India there are a million identities and a billion people. You could be a hindu, muslim, christian or any other faith or any sect/caste within it. You could speak any of the 1000+ languages/dialects but we all are the creation of the same creator and have to return to the same end. We need to focus on the values that focus on truth and justice in all spheres.

In short our politics should move from identity based to value based. I feel we are indulged in a lot of mudslinging but never take responsibility about anything. We as a people as a human race need to come out of it. We are at the end of the day accountable.

Not sure if my thoughts make sense but they always haunt me and Its best I share them through my blog.

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