Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last month or so has been really monotonous. Work has been the same. Comparing different outputs and fixing the defects in the code we developed. It was alright for a week but now its been a month of doing the same work. It has got pretty boring. Perhaps I need a long vacation.

Because of the hectic schedule I am lagging behind with the arabic classes. I have still not learnt the 90 verbs(have to finish 120 by this saturday). I had a poster in my room long ago which read "secret of getting ahead is getting started". Think its my starting trouble that has kept me where I was a month ago.

Looks like my current project will complete by march end. Then should start looking for a new assignment. Lots of rumours have been doing the rounds these days about the layoff's and stuff. But I guess continuous learning and being a bit proactive might help. Eventually whats gonna happen is destiny. We can only prepare.

Thats it for now. Life is slow and my blog's getting boring. Lets hope life gets more interesting and so does my blog.

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