Thursday, April 9, 2009

New challenges

Last month has been pretty interesting on the professional front. Mu sigma has treated me pretty well so far. Having worked on a single ETL tool for close to four years now I have to reinvent myself to fit into an analytics organization. Analytics is a very interesting field but coming from a purely IT services background I have some challenges ahead.

First of all focussing on the clients business and having to work on any new tool based on the situation. I need to be more versatile and get adjusted to this almost alien atmosphere. Though basics of insurance industry is not rocket science the jargon looks nothing less. I need to get used to the industry specific language. Besides learning another new ETL tool called SSIS and understanding the reporting and dashboards using BO is going to be a new experience. In short there is lots of learning waiting to happen. How I manage to absorb all this time will tell but I believe if you apply yourself and focus on the right areas nothing is impossible.

Besides a new job not much eventful happening. On the weekends I am pretty much occupied atleast in the morning arabic classes. Of late my progress is slow but there is some progress. I have been planning to start swimming but the plan has not yet been implemented. Looks like getting more organised and sticking to a plan is need of the hour. Hopefully, my next entry will reflect some more interesting events and a more organized life. Bye Bye till then.

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