Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Need of the hour...

Last few weeks have been an amazing journey for me. Since my last post life has been really dynamic on the work front. I have done almost everything except what I am good at. Problem is I am not sure of the role I am supposed to fulfil in my project. I have done development, production support and even done testing. All that without requirement documents. This is the flipside of working in a smaller company especially when things don't go as per plan. You have to be utilised by hook or by crook. Especially, when Uncle Sam does not want you to visit him. As far as I am concerned, Uncle Sam is not the most important thing. There is a much bigger world to be explored. I would rather look ahead.

I have been thinking for the last few days whats the way forward? I guess for now I should start relearning things right from the scratch. One big thing that I have gained from my current project is being able to look at things in its completeness. I have to relearn my existing skill again with respect to new insights I have gained from the current project.

Apart from work I have been busy with sherwani shopping and some other stuff focussed on the big day in december. It has been fun to look for sherwani. Especially considering that there are very few showrooms that sell sherwani's not made of silk. Silk-sherwani is such an oxy-moron. One of the things strongly disliked by the holy prophet is muslim men wearing gold or silk. Yet it is not easy to find a traditional muslim attire without silk. Hypocracy is widespread and can only be addressed within ones limits. These things cannot be changed easily and there are more important issues to be addressed.

Another thing on my mind is getting fit. I started jogging and exersizing last week. It has been a beginning after a month of recovery from post fever weakness.

To sum up the post... need of the hour right now is... I need a new start in all aspects. Professionally, I need to start learning my craft right from the basics. Personally as well I need to restart my fitness program and also get connected with some of the long lost friends keeping the big day in december in mind.


Ehrar said...

All the best on the professional front. Need some tips on keeping fit? :P

Talha said...

Yes. Why not. Especially since I am finding difficult to exersize after the viral fever and joint pains.