Monday, June 14, 2010

Me and my indecisiveness

Three months have passed since my last blog entry. I give the credit to my indecisiveness and hectic schedule. Yes life has been really hectic. Work has kept me on toes even on weekends. As usual a new project begins with its honeymoon phase then the work starts. Good news has been that the first phase of the project has released and at this moment I am relatively free but only relatively.

Not that the last couple of months have been only work. I had some interesting trips to Hyderabad(Golkonda fort visit was awesome), Mysore(lovely drive and a relaxed weekend) and Hassan(Sakhib's wedding). I was just too lazy and indecisive about writing anything on the blog. The idea would strike but I would often lose my flow. My mind has been filled with work related tension and stress. In short many thoughts have kept me held up but no action taken because of the confusion. I have just not been able to decide.

I have been planning to buy a new car for atleast two weeks now but not able to decide. One day I think of a petrol next day of a deisel engine. Next day I restart exploring the auto market. Lots of planning but no decisions taken yet.

Yesdarday I swam after a long time. The weather was good outside. I felt like riding my bike. There was a small crack in one of the fiber parts. Just decided to fix it then go swimming. I suddenly decided to go swimming and went in less than 30 minutes. I swam for an hour and returned home. It was so much fun. One thought that crossed my head is that more I think more indecisive I get. My instinctive decisions are much better than planned ones. I have made many quick decisions in my life and never regretted even one of them. I have never been able to decide on anything when I start planning.

I think its time to take some decisions on the fly based on instinct. Hoping to have taken some of them before my next entry and some interesting updates till then.

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