Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All is well...

Been long since I wrote anything on the blog. Last 3 months have been a mixed bag for me.

On the work front... things have been pretty steady. A new phase of the current project was released. The release has been appreciated as it is a marriage between a legacy system and business intelligence. Some of the business leaders at the client side have taken notice of the hard work and appreciations have been showered. However, this phase was a very easy one compared to the previous one. Not always is hard work proportional to the results.

On the personal front... it has been pretty good. Ruqu and I are now closer to completing one year together. One year has gone completed really quick and has been pretty busy at times and pretty lazy at times. Overall, the lazy times have balanced the busy times. Most of the holidays we had together have been to her hometown(Hyderabad). Looking forward to a vacation like the one we had to Malaysia last year. It might be a short one but will be a well deserved break for both of us.

Of late mind has been occupied with thoughts that are very fluctuating regarding most things in life. I have been into the same profession for more than 5 years now and feel like doing something new. Maybe a new role or maybe relocating to a new location. The travel/adventure bug has returned to haunt me. Lets see where destiny takes me.

I have started to enjoy things I often did as a kid. Started swimming(3 days a week on average) and playing TT(ping-pong) at office. Helps me relax my mind and get my lethargic body moving. Looking forward to a positive change to my lifestyle where work, family, fun and some kind of education are happening continuously. First step towards that is perhaps cutting down on my time with the idiot box and haveing an early to bed...early to rise lifestyle. Best days of my life have always been when the day started at dawn(fajr prayers). Of late, the consistency has been missing. Looking forward to get going on this front. Though my indecisiveness has been replaced by some spontaneity, there is a big room for improvement.

Lets see if I have made any progress till my next post. Bye for now.

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