Sunday, November 28, 2010

What a weekend...

This weekeknd was fun. Enjoyed cricket, swimming and also went out go-karting with my cousins Sakhib, Zafar and Nayeem bhaiya.

The weekend started brilliantly. Got to know earlier about my company's cricket team that practices in VET ground on weekends. Had not found time till this saturday to join them. Went to the ground at 0630 hrs early in the morning. It was a repeat of school days when I used to play cricket more regularly.

We were forced to only hold fielding practice as very few team members were available. The fielding practice was a bit of an eye opener for me. My ground fielding was below par to say the least. I was not able to bend and catch the ball when it moved at some speed. Though, close and high catches were much better. Managed catch more than drop. Hope to attend cricket practice more regularly and in the next session I am looking forward to bat and bowl. Let me see if I can play comfortably.

Soon after the fielding session, I left for a swim in Jayanagar swimming pool. Though, I have been swimming atleast few times every week, the feeling of swimming in the morning is unmatched. The pool is relatively empty and there are no baricades in the deep end. Both cricket and swimming remind me so much of my school/college days. Hope to keep these habits alive for many more years to come.

I feel through last few years of professional life I missed many opportunities to do things I really enjoy. Though I have been pretty busy, I should somehow find time for sports to keep me fit and stress-free. I feel there is no better stress buster for me than smimming or cricket. I feel completely liberated from all the pressures and worries when I am in water. In short, I need to manage my time much better.

Watched the first Ashes test match after the swimming. It was an amazing game of cricket. The aussies gaining control on saturday and the Poms getting back in the game on sunday. Though the game is most likely to end in a draw, it is a game which had immense competition. The battle between bat and ball is the characteristic of test cricket. In my opinion, T20 will never replace test cricket for this reason.

Another fun event this weekend was meeting Sakhib, Nayeem bhaiya and Zafar. I had lunch with Sakhib today and decided right there that we need to do something fun. Been a while since we enjoyed together. We quickly decided to go-karting. Found through "Just-dial" about a track around Kanakapura road. We guys left around 1630 hrs in the evening, reached around 1715 hrs after some expedition. The races were fun though I did not win any. What was most important was the adrenaline rush it gave and truly Sakhib was the deserving winner.

The weekend was pretty action packed and I enjoyed it completely. One thing however is that Ruqu is still in Hyderabad. I am expecting her return next week. I am waiting to have her home and planning more action packed weekends with her.

Now I am feeling so tired and sleepy. I am definitely gonna sleep well and get back to work afresh with a formatted hard drive between my ears.

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