Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An interesting beginning

Last few weeks have brought some really important changes in my life. Most important one among them is arrival of my little Zunaira. She was born on 3rd May 2011 in Hyderabad. She has truly made life more interesting and my family complete. She is still in Hyderabad with Ruqu and I long to go see her at the first opportunity.

Being a father is definitely a life changing experience. Though many of my friends have not taken the leap yet, I think the joy of having your little bundle of joy beats any thrill and the responsibilities that come along are really worth it.

On the work front, it has been end of one project and my manager wants me involved in another project 50-50. I am really scared of these 50-50 allocations as they are not really 50-50 but rather 100-100 ending up extracting 200% of your time. This is not something I wanted especially with Zuni's arrival. Still I think I will give it a best shot as I really need to learn time managenent and balancing between priorities. I hope this is an opportunity for me to learn how to manage limited availability or resources(especially time) in the most efficient way.

Another new beginning has been with swimming. I have started and stopped my regular swimming a million times. This time hopefully it is permanently a part of my life even when Ruqu and Zuni are back from Hyderabad. Hope not to mention swimming in my blog again.

Overall life has been interesting. Zuni's arrival has definitely brought many changes. Along with the joy her arrival has brought, I wish and pray for God almighty for mercy and blessings. Ameen.

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