Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seize the moment

As cliche'd as it may sound, Last few months have been full of changes. But change is the only constant thing in life and it is a part of growing up. Also, I have longed like never before to get back to my student days and enjoy wthout any responsibilities. These are quite often thoughts that hover on your mind when you are not able to adapt to the present situation and want to get back to your comfort zone. But destiny more often than not takes you where it has to take you and it is upto the individual either to embrace it or to sulk about 'What could have been'.

This weekend was a very refreshing one. Especially after pretty hectic weeks and weekends recently. I decided to catch up with Srikanth/Nam over Zindagi na milegi dobara. Though I have not watched many movies in the last few months, it was a perfect break from the monotony. And what a movie it was especially looking at my hectic schedule of late. First of all, it was about something I've been looking forward to for quite sometime now. A 'Road Trip' through an unknown land. The movie recreated "Dil Chahta Hai" experience. An experience of relationship's and journey of life. A road trip is more often than not a metaphor for life. One goes through the journey, has various experiences., gets attached to various things and people and also has to detach. But the journey has to continue.

One thing I learnt is, not matter how busy life gets one has to have sometime to sit back and reflect about the priorities in life. One might work like a maniac but works to live and not lives to work. Those little moments with friends and family are so much more important than the rat race we are all a part of. It is never too late to start doing something you enjoy. In my case, I just love to swim. I look forward to scubadive/deep sea dive and experience some other adventures as well. There is so much to life but our worries keep us from going for it. Not always there is an opportunity for everything. But whenever an opportunity comes by, one has to "Seize the moment" and make the most of it.

The movie was a big motivating factor this weekend. Srikanth, Nam and I decided to start running next morning. And boy it was quite a run. We managed to run two full rounds around Lalbagh(about 4-5 kms). We plan to run a marathon sometime soon. I really hope to keep the momentum going after next month(Ramazan). Perhaps, Srikanth will have his shot at the marathon sooner than me. I hope he manages to do it.

I think instead of cribbing over the missed opportunities, it is better to snatch everything that comes by. Life always gives us an inch. It is upto us if we make it a mile or let it slip by. This post reflects my thoughts right now. I would love to translate it to action. Will definitely post when it translates to action.


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