Monday, August 8, 2011

Blessed month is here

We are already into the 1st week of Ramadan. The most interesting month in the muslim world. Interesting because of several reasons. Main reason being, we see the entire community go about the daily activities in unison. Most of the people fast and the spirituality goes a notch higher. Most who would not normally pray become regular with prayer. Especially the sight in the mosques at the night prayer is very refreshing. The taravih time is the best time of the day when each of one wants to stand in prayer, listen to the Quran al Kareem being recited and also seek forgiveness for our sins in unison. It indeed is the king of all months in the Islamic calendar.

Another aspect that makes this month one of its kind is the real tasty food available for Iftar's. Most of the food items that are forgotten for rest of the year make an entry during this month. Especially Haleem is a speciality dish especially in Hyderabad that makes ita culinary delight. It makes me think do we eat to fast or fast to eat?

I feel apart from the atmosphere one needs to understand spirit of this month more holistically. It is the month when the Quran al Kareem was revealed and one who believed was commanded to fast. It should be a month dedicated to practice self restraint. One should understand what hunger means and the pain of the less fortunate. It is a time when one should try to read/understand the Quran al Kareem. Understand the message it has for the humanity.

It is the time to introspect ourself, repent for our sins and reform for the better.
This is when most people donate maximum in charity. I think the charity should be directed towards those who genuinely need it and towards making our society a more equitable one.

Overall one should 'Sieze the moment' and make this month count with respect to our Akhirat. It is indeed a fact we cannot ignore.

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